The Owner and Operator of Evergreen Taxi in Colorado Gives $5,000 to It’s the Planet!


Evergreen taxi Services profile

We are very pleased to report that It’s the Planet last week received a contribution of $5,000 in cash from the owner and operator of Evergreen Taxi Services.

The owner’s name is Drayton Dunwody, and his offices are in Lakewood, Colorado, just a few miles from Evergreen; in addition to Evergreen Taxi, Mr. Dunwody also runs Lakewood Taxi.

It’s the Planet is very pleased to receive this contribution, which will enable us to pursue our mission of making it clear to everyone on earth that the greatest and most terrible threat to our planet is the naïve belief that someone else will save it.





If we are going to have a sustainable planet that continues to provide its ancient bounty to all future generations, then every single person on that planet must be committed to saving it.

That’s why it is so gratifying to us to receive a donation like this from an everyday member of the community. If everyone were as devoted to the health of the global village as Mr. Dunwody is, this world would quickly become a much better place.

The one who told Mr. Dunwody about It’s the Planet is Harrison Conroy, our Colorado Field Director.

Mr. Conroy lives in Evergreen, but has an office in Lakewood, a close suburb of Denver. He often calls a cab to make the trip from Evergreen in the mountains down to Lakewood, and that was how he met Mr. Dunwody.

Mr. Dunwody is not only the owner and operator of Evergreen Taxi, the only dedicated taxi service in Evergreen, he is also one of the company’s drivers. He loves to drive, he says, and even more he loves to meet new people, which is something he does every day when he’s driving a taxi.

Mr. Conroy said that Mr. Dunwody was a very careful and excellent driver, and was also always a charming and delightful companion in the car.

After they had met several times, Mr. Conroy told Mr. Dunwody about It’s the Planet. And one day, to Mr. Conroy’s surprise, Mr. Dunwody showed up at his office with an enveloped stuffed with $5,000 in cash in his hand.

Thank you, Drayton Dunwody! The whole world thanks you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful in everyone in the world was just like you?